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Did You Hear the One About… Kickstarter

The first Hip Hop Novel and Album. A Novel / Album based on the stories of MC Serch, known as the best storyteller in Hip Hop.


For many years, I have been urged to write a book based on the stories I have told on radio. I have also been asked to make new music. I write all the time, 4 bars here, 8 bars there, but nothing that would cause me to focus on an album. I have recently been collaborating with a friend named Temper3000 who has been suggesting that it may be time to do a book/album. The concept is simple, but it has never been done. Combine an audiobook of my stories with a hot record that recaps the stories in each chapter. This would be the first in Hip Hop history; A novel that combines creative language and true events, with songs that echo the previous chapter and expound on it through rhymes and beats.

In order to make this happen within my limited availability and time, a traditional publishing arrangement wouldn’t work. I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign, and look forward to putting together an amazing book and album.

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