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Serch (TV Show) Stations and Times

Serch show is about to be a movement—the first episode is a must see. The show will air weekdays (Monday–Friday) on the following Tribune stations starting January 6, 2014:

City Station Time
New York, NY WPIX 4pm
Los Angeles, CA KTLA 4pm
Philadelphia, PA WPHL 1pm
Dallas, TX KDAF 9am
Washington, DC WDCW 2pm
Miami, FL WSFL Noon
Indianapolis, IN WXIN Noon
San Diego, CA KSWB 2pm
All times listed in local time zones.


  1. Lynn Allen
    Lynn Allen January 8, 2014

    I watched your show for the first time. Its a new concept, but its refreshing an down to earth. Show host is raw does it like he see’s it like he says he keeps it all 100%. Great advice an you do it from your heart. Keep it going would love to work on athe show. Lots of love an best wishes for this show♥

  2. Deborah Alveranga
    Deborah Alveranga February 4, 2014

    I’m very disappoint that they take serch show off tv it was interesting what I like about it was no fighting,badmouth talking.not like jerry springer,or maury good clean show please put it back on. very good program thank you Mrs.Deborah Alveranga we need a decease show thank.

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